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read the above text,optional angle,self-made questions,write an article of no less than 800 words.don't write poetry.

the third precipitation love.whether it's reading, writing or living,out of love,will become pale and weak,lack of enthusiasm.just because i love to read,premier wen's "mind records" on the bedside has been read more than 100 times; because of his love of writing,duras has been dealing with words for more than half a century; because of love for life,sanmao even in the desert,can also be extremely happy,write the desert into the work.

regardless of your diploma,regardless of the level of status,if you can have these three spiritual huts,watching the flowers blooming in front of the court, the clouds in the sky are relaxing,you can have it too.


the biggest highlight of this article is to learn from bi shumin's essay on the same topic.borrow three cabins to explain my understanding of the material.in terms of reviewing questions,"reading" and "life experience" are accurate and comprehensive grasp of materials.enough information,fully discussed,the full text is beautiful,round and round.it would be even better if the third point "love" was changed to "interest".(66 + 2)

read the text below,compose as required.(70 points)


author: anonymous

during the southwest associated university,liu wendian looked down on professors like shen congwen who were not from "scientific class".zeng threatened: at southwest associated university,chen yinke should get 400 yuan in salary,take 40 yuan for yourself,and shen congwen is not even worth 4 yuan.when we lamented liu wendian's "crazy life" nature,can't help but despise his narrow temperament.who says that people who are not born in a "scientific class" cannot become talents?

the two paragraphs of text given in the title,you can review the questions and propose ideas through the thinking method of seeking common ground.lessing and jia pingwa are both writers or writers,have achieved fruitful results in the literary world,the common characteristics of the two of them in the description of the material are ”uninterrupted reading" and "love to read".have had a very rich life experience,i have experienced different professions, different identities, and difficult lives that have important meaning to life and writing.因此,它可以从“文学创作与生活经验”之间的关系中得出, “读写”, “阅读并成为人才”, 和“阅读与生活”。目的:成功来自理想, 爱, 斗争, 等等。古人说:流水的声音可以滋养您的耳朵。“只有马克斯, 他住在那个神秘的国家, 可以写出这样的精神作品!可能是马奎斯的王朝建立在一本厚厚的书本上,扎根于别人的人会说吗?答案显然不是。如果您没有保姆或速记员的经验,莱辛的光环还会照这样发光吗?如果您还没有放牛和收集柴火,体验了清道夫的生活,贾平凹还可以写一些接近生活的作品,《秦戏》会如此动人吗?没有反思的生活是不值得生活的,没有积累生活经验的作家不会有简单动人的话。"

the purpose of this composition question is to guide students to pay attention to a certain method of reviewing the question.guide students to pay attention to the intimate relationship between textbooks and writing,guide students to reflect a certain degree of speculation in their writing.


jia pingwa,is one of the famous writers in contemporary chinese literary circles,graduated from the chinese department of northwest university.i love reading since i was a child,once let go of cattle, collected firewood, and repaired reservoirs,i have personally experienced the life of scavengers.

1。很难想象如果没有不间断的阅读,多丽丝·莱辛(doris lessing)也可以赢得诺贝尔奖,贾平凹还会成为当代文学界的着名作家吗?王安忆曾经说过:“写作的质量取决于您的合理准备。 毕淑敏阐述了她认为是生命精神的三个小木屋:第一个充满爱,放开第二个房间的仇恨,第三仓储业务。这表明阅读对于人类的成长和发展具有多么重要的意义。“这告诉我们,尽管间接经验非常重要,但是直接经验更重要。但是他们在文学界都取得了丰硕的成果,由此, 我们可以得到“教育不等于能力”的观点, “文凭不是成功的必要条件”, 等等



become a talent without being a "subject"。可以说只是看书创建了诺贝尔文学大师,实现文学传奇,难怪铁宁说:“我毫不怀疑阅读的分量。只有通读无言的人生书,把笔写进生活,in order to share the heat and cold of the world with readers.

doris lessing,in 2007, he won the nobel prize in literature.although he never went to college,i have never entered a literary training class,but i never stop reading,he has worked as a telephone operator, babysitter, and stenographer.

优秀的考场组成:。 自己补充材料的内容。“合理的准备取决于阅读,因此,她买了在图书新闻中找到的所有图书,长期的积累给了她精神写作的元素,甚至像富平和梅这样的“小人物”也首先具有“大感情”。

2。毛泽东曾经对从国外留学回来的毛安英说:“你读了很多话,还学会阅读无言的人生书。从“不间断”开始, “从小时候起”,我们必须坚持不懈,我们必须坚持不懈。绿草可以滋养眼睛阅读书籍可以滋养心脏。

您还可以撰写准确而深刻的文章。 脱离上下文。 您也可能从未从lessing上过大学,没有专业的文学训练课,贾平凹毕业于西北大学中文系。合理准备,你真是太有远见了。